Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

Deep Breath and Stretch of Morning

This never. gets. old.

I have a picture of the tulips breaking through the earth for every year I've lived in this house. They rise up along the whole length of the driveway, and the delight never ceases when I spot them that first time each March.

And when I rake the leaves clear, it's like throwing back blankets and taking that big deep breath and stretch of morning.

They're a reminder of life.

Of hope.

Of resilience.

A reminder that we can endure the cold and the dark seasons. That we are not meant to bloom all year 'round. That sometimes we must rest--lie still and wait, conserve our energy, focus inward.

But trusting implicitly that Light returns; always returns. And when it does, then we explode forth our bright colours; unafraid and dazzling.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Self-Taught (SOTC 228/365)

I am part of a photography meet-up group called the Edmonton Shutterbugs. Over the last five years, I have participated in countless photo walks, as well as some unique lesson-style opportunities to practice new photography techniques in the company of other like-minded individuals.

For 2017, the group decided to host a 52-week photography challenge. Each week, the organizer posts a single word around which we are to create our image. I've had the right mix of inspiration and free time for about half the weekly challenges so far, including this week's.

This week's challenge word is "learning." I visualized my image so quickly that I'm not sure it's fair to call this particular submission a 'challenge,' lol.

Most of my photography skills are self-taught. I've owned a camera for the last thirty years or so, but it has only been in the last ten that I've taken my natural affinity for the art and built upon it with some intentionality--book by book; an article here, a YouTube tutorial there; and by looking at a lot of photographs taken by other people. If I am not out actually taking photos, I'm generally learning about the art in some capacity.

So some days, learning looks like this.

Other days, it looks like this:

Self-Taught (SOTC 228/365)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Curl In

Lights out
I roll onto my side
I hear her
softly pad her way
up the bed

I am lifting the blanket
and she slinks

Our nightly routine

She turns a half circle
settles against me
curling her shape
into my shape

I gently let the blanket
enclosing her
in the warmth
and the hush
of night

When I wake up briefly
in the wee hours of the morning
I will notice that
she's settled elsewhere
on the bed

But as I shrug off
another long day,
seeking to greet sleep,
her gentle weight
and mild purr
help to anchor
and settle my soul

and I'd like to think
my heartbeat
does the same for her.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Shrug off the heavy jacket,
open the window,
let the cat out

Stand in the sun,
listen to the world thaw around you,
and lose yourself a moment
in spring's foreplay

SOTC 227/365

Where Trees are the Skyline Too (SOTC 227/365)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

SOTC 226/365

Lake's Gems I (SOTC 226/365)

And with just a gentle nudge, these icy gems skate clear across the lake's smooth surface.