Saturday, November 18, 2017

#IAmGrateful 18


Let's show gratitude through photographs, she said.
It'll be easy, she said.

Well, on a quiet Saturday at home, it's tricky to take an authentic photo that shows laughter.* So I went on a hunt to make a collage, and discovered that it's also hard to find photos that show laughter.**

Not because I don't spend time laughing--as serious as I can be, I do value a sense of humour and fun. No; it's more because moments of laughter exist to me in memories, not photographs. Laughter is one of those things you lose yourself in completely, and no one generally thinks to pull out their phone or camera in those moments--we are too caught up in the joy and fun.

And I think this is a good thing--that there are experiences of such authentic delight that they are solely tucked away in the hearts and memories of those who experienced it together.

I am so grateful for laughter--for the jokes, quirky moments, and playful experiences that make me laugh till my sides hurt and my eyes water. And for those who have shared in those moments with me. They are the stories shared around the table, sometimes for years; sometimes making us laugh all over again.

"People with a good sense of humour
have a better sense of life."
- Unknown

*I had this same conundrum with "Excitement."
**Smiles are everywhere, but that's not quite the same.

Friday, November 17, 2017

#IAmGrateful 17


For a strong, healthy body,
a resilient, healthy mind,
and a fierce, healthy heart.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

#IAmGrateful 16


As much as society romanticized the idea of us being carefree, adventurous, try-ers of new things always, we are all—to varying degrees—creatures of habit. Brain science shows that too much unpredictability is stressful and unhealthy—both in our routines and our relationships.

So I am grateful for routine. For waking up each morning in a warm home; for always-hot showers; the perfect cup of coffee; for a great job, at a great place, working with great people; for time at home to sit and eat and be still; and to return to my little oasis to rest at the end of the day.

#IAmGrateful 15


I choose cereal six days out of seven, but I am grateful that I have the option to choose at all. And though I'm rarely actually hungry at the time I need to eat breakfast most days, it keeps me from being a hangry hot mess by 10am--and for that, we should all be grateful!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#IAmGrateful 14

Alone Time

Alone time is not an option for me. To be my best self with people, I need regular time apart from people.

I have a collection of quiet spaces. In the summer, my hammock hugs my introverted soul; in the depths of winter, a hot bubble bath does the same. I have claimed the river valley for my own some days, and there's a reason I enjoy driving so much. And after a long or hard or just-too-people-y day, the best quiet space is home.

Growing up, my two favourite oases for alone time were my bedroom and the living room. As an adult, not much has changed; they are still my two favourite spots in the house to curl up with a book, my journal, or my laptop. Put on some acoustic guitar, light a candle, find a cat--and I am set to settle in for the evening.

I am so grateful for these spaces. And grateful to have a lifestyle where this needed time is generally easy to come by--my routine includes it, my coworkers respect it, and my closest friends 'get' it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

#IAmGrateful 13


At first, I thought I might get all philosophical and abstract with today’s challenge word—y’know, the gift of time, gift of love, gift of life... But I feel like I’ve been living in the deep and philosophical a lot lately, and sometimes even I am just grateful for things at face value—like small gifts from a niece and nephew who know me just too well.

#IAmGrateful 12


7 Wonders has been a favourite board game amongst the grown-ups for years. What a delight to pass down some of that experience to a new protege this weekend!

#IAmGrateful 11 (Also, SOTC 260/365)


Sunset Sky Over Saskatoon

Grateful. SO grateful. For the bright glow, the warm light, the rich and beautiful end to a day—regardless of what that came before. Sky and clouds and sun working together to create this artistic expression of physics that spills forth in several colours.

For the 4:30 winter sunsets that make the drive home less dreary; and the 10:30 summer sunsets that tuck my friends and I in around the campfire.

For the eyesight to see this daily splendour, regardless of where I am in the world; and the luxury of capturing it on a camera to hold onto forever and share—#IAmGrateful.

#IAmGrateful 10


I am grateful for opportunity--to play, to rest, to learn; to connect and to simply be.

#IAmGrateful 9


I am grateful for the food in the table, and the company with which I get to share it.