Monday, April 30, 2012


In my photo putterings yesterday, I discovered scanography. Like Zentangling, the practice is not entirely new; someone has simply found a way to clean it up a bit and call it an art form. But I think it's brilliant. Who hasn't--at least once in their youth--photocopied their hands, keys, jewellery, or face? ...Have you ever tried it in a scanner? ...It's kinda fun!

After looking at other people's work on Flickr yesterday, I decided to try it myself this afternoon. I really like how it turned out. There is a very soft effect created in whatever's not directly touching the glass. Combined with the fact that it's generally best to keep your eyes closed (although some people don't!?), a very tranquil feeling comes out of the image.

I can't believe it took me 273 days to discover this.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


My church is freezing. No, I guess a better way to say that is I always freeze in church. Because our church is in the gymnasium of a school. And even though we are all just standing or sitting in our spots while we worship and listen to the sermon, the fans blow as if we are running around, shooting hoops. So every Sunday I wear a hoodie over whatever else I'm wearing just to keep warm. And sometimes even that isn't quite enough.

Like today.

And even though the sun has been shining on and off, it's breezier and a touch cooler than it was yesterday. The clouds forecasted are rolling in, threatening showers later this afternoon.

And I just can't seem to get warm.

So I am wrapping myself in a blanket.
Climbing in my nest.
Settling with my Mac and then
a good book.

...Wasn't I in a tank top yesterday?

(PS--in my web-surfing, I came across a young woman's 365 project that I thoroughly enjoyed. She actually started about two weeks after I did, so she's not done yet! She can't be yet out of high school, but her photos are so well-composed and artistically creative. I highly recommend checking it out if you have some spare time.)


Workin' up the dirt;
soakin' up the sun.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Nothing like a rainy evening to prompt some digital photography work.


268/365 sprout...


Nimble fingers.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012


242 stairs up,
and 242 stairs down
on a sunny
spring afternoon.


Didn't sell anything, but three pieces in the gallery, and lots of lookers!


You know you might be addicted when...

I Wear Crocs OR 262/365

The title of this post alone will probably drive away many a Google-searcher. Croc-wearing seems to be an emotionally-charged conversation--almost as charged as which way you hang your toilet paper. There are Croc-haters and Croc-lovers, and not much in between.

I bought my first pair of Crocs in 2006. I was working that summer for Edmonton's Green Shack program, and Crocs were so new that they hadn't yet been added to the list of "unacceptable footwear" in the City's Parks and Recreation dress code. They were--for that summer--"closed-toed shoes" that I could wear without socks and in the water. They were bright blue, to match my City of Edmonton T-shirt.

That fall, I bought a salmon-pink pair that became my indoor shoes for the kindergarten I was working in. They were incredibly comfortable, and easy to slide on and off if my hands were full with bags, equipment, or a child. I also took that pair to Mexico. They were perfect for day trips that called for sturdier (but sockless) footwear than flip-flops.

Sometime shortly after that, I purchased a pair of chocolate-brown Avon-brand imitation Crocs. They had the same Croc shape and similar foam rubber material, but no holes. They were also accented with some faux-suede. They were well-loved, too. They were perfect for the days where I wanted the comfort of sneakers with my outfit, but couldn't pull off actual sneakers for one reason or another.

As I spent less time playing on the floor with children and more time in an office working with adults, my wardrobe changed somewhat, including the styles of shoes in my closet. I didn't throw out my Crocs (okay, I threw out the blue ones, cuz I don't actually wear blue), but the nature and frequency of wear did change.

When I moved into my house, the salmon-pink pair became (and still are) my basement shoes. It's cold on the feet down there! ...They sit at the top of the basement stairs near the back door. As such, they also double as a quick pair of shoes that I can slip on if I need to run out and grab something from the garage, or take the recycling out, or what have you.

Then--last year--Disneyworld. I knew my feet would not appreciate walking around for 10-12 hours a day in the cheap flip-flops that I owned. I needed something new. I wanted shoes that would stand up to that high level of activity, without spending a fortune, and without having to wear socks in a 30C (85F) environment. I remembered how well my pink Crocs had held up in Mexico, and decided to go that route. There is a store in Edmonton that sells nothing but Crocs; I went there.

In the five years that had passed since I'd last purchased Crocs, their line had definitely expanded. I'd seen evidence of some of this on people's feet in the past years, but hadn't really realized how much more they had to offer besides the classic-style Croc. Flats, boots, sandals, wedge heels, slippers, Mary Jane's, loafers... In the end, I bought a classic-style pair in espresso brown (with latte-coloured trim). Additionally, I bought a pair of their flip-flops (also in the latte and espresso colours).

In Florida, my niece and nephew developed blisters from their newly-purchased, orthotic-conscious Keens in under 24-hours, rendering a side-trip to Wal-Mart to purchase $20 sneakers for the remainder of the trip. I, on the other hand, walked around three different amusement parks in my Croc flip-flops* all week long without a single blister (no achy feet, either). It was fantastic.

I swear by the flip-flops.
(I swear by the Crocs, too.)

Now, don't misunderstand. I am certainly not an "all Crocs, all the time" kind of person. I own flats, kitten heels, boots... My preferred daily footwear is actually my pair of sneakers.

But do I love my Crocs? Yes.
Do I get why many people don't? Yes.
Do [I feel] my Crocs have an appropriate place in my wardrobe? Yes.
Are my feet happy? Yes.

* Say "Croc flip-flops" ten times fast, I dare you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My partner and I were inspired by this idea for our weekly playgroup. Rolls of paper towel, food colouring and water, a variety of droppers for all fine motor levels (including one turkey baster), and we have the easiest art experience ever. The kids loved dripping and squirting colours all over their canvas. After playgroup, streams of paper towel were draped over everything around the office to dry.

Then... what to do with them? While we are trying to emphasize process over product with our arts & crafts experiences in playgroup, it seemed awful to think about just putting all the paper towel in the garbage after all that fun (not to mention incredibly un-eco-friendly).

So, after using some other colleagues as sounding boards, we came up with a few ideas. I am hoping to turn several sheets into decorative flowers to add to the springtime ambience in our playroom. Other sheets were glued onto card stock this afternoon, embellished with curls and shapes, and adhered to the windows looking into our playgroup. Photos of the kids in the process of creating were then glued on top of this to create an artistic photo story for parents and staff to admire.

I have loved watching the children create and explore with the art supplies we put out; and then taking their art one step further as we display it in the classroom. I hope they like it, too!

"...Maybe I'm In the Gap Between the Two Trapezes..." OR 260/365

Oxfam + Coldplay
Spontaneous Fun!!!


"Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time."

-- Mark Twain

I've always been more of a 'cold turkey' person myself... that or just succumb to it entirely... ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Processing the ways of digital photography and the internet. Ugh.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Taking some inspiration from


Rain. Don't worry, I've got it covered.

Taking Up Space

Apparently, I have started taking up too much room. Digitally, that is. When I tried uploading yesterday's blog photo, Blogger told me that I couldn't, because I had reached my maximum upload capacity of 1GB.

I've kind of always known that I've only had a gigabyte of space to play with. And in theory, I should have recognized that uploading a photo a day--anywhere from 4-8MB a pop--would eat up this space in well under a year. However, it kinda caught me by surprise that I'd hit the ceiling of free space.

Even after manually going through my Picasa online album (where Blogger houses photos uploaded by its users) and deleting all the duplicates and unused photos I've uploaded*, the message at the bottom of the screen still reads:

You are currently using 896 MB (87.55%) of your 1024 MB

SIGH. So, I've redeemed space for about twenty more pictures before I hit the ceiling again. Ladies and gentlemen, my photo project may be moving. I've had my blog since 2008, and I know that it's this project that has eaten up space so suddenly. If I were to remove the photos from my photo-a-day project, I could probably go another 3-4 years in "regular" blog posts before hitting the 1GB mark (and by then, I'm guessing technology will be such that Blogger will have naturally upped it's free upload quota, anyway).

So, I think I will be moving this project somewhere else. I just haven't decided where, yet. I have an unlimited account on Flickr, and I think that's where I will go. The plan was to put these photos on Flickr anyway, 'cept I was kinda hoping to wait 'til the end of this project so that I could upload them all at once, and have them show all together in my photo stream (rather than speckled with a mix of project photos and other portfolio photos). ...I may just have to "put the Type A away" with this one.

SO--watch for a change of location in the next few weeks. At least as far as my Project 365 is concerned.

*did you know that if you upload a photo but don't end up publishing it on your page, it still lives in the Picasa album and takes up space? ...Yup.


Cryptic Triptych?

Thursday, April 12, 2012



Tuesday, April 10, 2012


From seed...

Monday, April 9, 2012


After today, I'm convinced they sell them in packs of three not so that you'll have three over the life of your phone, but because it takes three tries to adhere the thing properly to your #*$&@ phone.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


"Can I take a picture?"

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Highlight of my day...


A toast to the blessing of food, family, and fun this Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


A brain-heavy morning meeting;
A not-entirely-happy tummy;
A snow storm.

An early afternoon off;
cozy clothes,
cat cuddles,
photo putterings;
lighthearted texts to friends.


Head's up: this is why teachers have you put your name on your work from the time you're in Kindergarten. It's for when someone besides your mother also likes your artwork.


Staying late at the office today.


Dear iPhone,

I'm sorry I ever doubted that I wanted you. You are absolutely lovely.

Technologically yours,


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Volumes of fur aside,
I love you like mad.


And the spring cleaning continues.
Isn't raking leaves a fall activity?
you may ask.
Can be.
But mulching properties of leaves aside,
It's way more fun to rake leaves on a warm, sunny, spring afternoon
than a cold, windy, fall afternoon.